Branding and Visual Identitty

Project Advisor:
Nick Rock, Boston University

Project Team:
Anissa Martinez, Ciaran Brandin, Krystyn Marie, 
Kun Zhen, Sohini Mukherjee and Yuanwei Xu 

The Gastronomy program at BU is a place to learn about the intersection of food and culture — to think about food in new and intellectual ways. The problem is that not enough people know about it. Some people might not even know they are interested in Gastronomy.

The goal is to make the program more widely known; to showcase the program of study, to provide content and resources that will visually communicate about the BU Gastronomy program, distinguish it from culinary arts and programs.

Logo and logomark

Visual System: Patterns and Graphics

Visual System: Callouts and Photography

Branded Assets: Event Poster/ Flyer

Branded Assets: Email Newsletter

Tote Bags