Hi there, I’m Mahnoor -ماہ نور

Originally from Karachi, Pakistan but currently based in Boston, MA. I am a MFA Graphic Design graduate from the School of Visual Arts, College of Fine Arts at Boston University. My work incorporates my multifaceted skills that includes brand design, visual identity, motion graphics, graphic design and art direction.

I’m drawn towards dialogue, always in search for a narrative whether its in visual, in food, architecture, language or public spaces. In my work, dialogue is always involved so I use graphic design to give invisible conversations a more tangible (visual) form. The work I do reflects playful characterstics, influenced by my interests in play and fun. I further choose to use graphic design as a way to explore speculative design and deconstruct complex content into simplistic engaging forms.

My specialization includes storytelling, branding, packaging, social impact design and UI/UX design.

I can be reached at mahnoor.i.butt@gmail.com