Branding and UX Design

Project Advisor: 
Red Hat Agency and James Grady

  1. 97% of BU students say they can live healthier. However they believe its difficult to build positive habits and behaviors.  They also feel more motivated to stay healthy with other accompanies. 

  2. FitStart is a fun and affordable mobile app for students to engage in the healthy lifestyle they deserve during their four years on Comm Ave. An excellent alternative to the hard to follow, unorganized, and unrealistic health information available online, FitStart offers its users a way to gamilfy healthy living amongst peers. Users earn XP points and level up by accomplishing their personal goals, eating a healthier meal at the dining hall, and by completing their favorite workouts. Students can add their friends and battle each other out to be at the top of their social circle’s FitStart leaderboard, bragging rights included.

  3. Userin in the heal;thy lifestyle 

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